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Bed Bugs-A Toronto Problem

Bed bugs have been known to residents of the Toronto area for a while. They hitch a ride on our clothing, on packages, on different items that enter our homes. When we go to bed, they follow us and snuggle in small nooks and crannies in our bed frames and mattresses. At night, they wake up and begin their feast. Bed bugs in Toronto, just like their friends and relatives in neighbouring cities, particularly enjoy feasting on their host’s blood. Every night, and while we are fast asleep they gorge on a seemingly endless supply of their favourite food.

Their size is misleading. As these mysterious creatures can cause major inconveniences to their hosts. Inconveniences that might start from feeling itchy in the morning and can result in being more serious like infections and diseases.

Not a lot of scientific research has been performed on bed bugs. This is something that makes them even more mysterious and scary. Toronto residents have been experiencing an increasing wave of bed bug issues and claims of infestation are being made frequently.

Toronto Public Health says that they’ve been receiving an increasing and worrying number of calls concerning bed bugs this past year. The Toronto press is also having a field day with the issue. More and more stories are coming out about bed bugs every day.

Things for Toronto got from bad to worse with the recent publicity disaster that occurred when an American film critic broadcasted through Twitter that a friend of his got bed bugs at a press screening of one film part of the Toronto Film Festival.

This is not the only story that went public. CTV recently aired a story about a Toronto woman who has been battling bed bugs for years. She was able to get rid of the bed bugs by calling professional pest control technicians.

Toronto’s medical officer stated that there were 1,500 infestations in total last year and approximately 1,000 this year.

If you think you might have bed bugs then you should make sure. Read what you can do to detect bed bugs. If you know you have bed bugs, then you should consult a professional bed bug exterminator Toronto.