Why House Mice Are Worse Than You Think

Mice may look like cute creatures and some of us may even allow them to live in our homes, falsely assuming that how such cute and little animals could possibly cause any damage, but this notion is absolutely false.

House mice are worse than you think, and here’s why.

The first element of risk associated with mice is that they breed at a rapid rate. So if you have a couple of mice running about the house and think you can put up with the numbers, you will soon have dozens loitering about and even taking over your home! Therefore, if you find a few mice, it simply won’t take too much of time before they cause a full-fledged mouse infestation.

Then comes the element of health. Mice are proven carriers of a variety of diseases and the risks they deposit wherever they go range from viruses and parasites to diseases and bacteria.

Let’s take one such disease into account – Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, or LCM. This dreadful disease, which has the potential to even cause serious neurological disorders, can be contracted by simply breathing in the polluted air in a house that has mouse droppings and urine deposits, and this is just one from a long list of diseases that mice can cause.

Yet another risk is the damage even a single mouse can cause to your home. Armed with extremely sharp teeth, these tiny rodents love to chew on anything they can find, and this includes wires. Now, we can only imagine how risky this could be. A chewed up wire can cause a fire and even bring down your home.

Handling a mice invasion as soon as you notice even a couple of these creatures is therefore the best step to take, and hiring a mice control team among the best options.