best ways protect rooftop squirrels

The Best Ways to Protect Your Rooftop From Squirrels

It can be incredibly annoying to have squirrels making a nuisance on your rooftop, especially at night. The issue gets worse as time goes on, because they reproduce, and before you know it, you have a squirrel infestation on your hands.

Below are some simple to follow methods that you can try to implement for squirrels removal from your rooftop and other parts of your home.  


Remove all the food they like from your home


Rake up nuts, berries, and acorns from trees in your yard that drop them. These are squirrels’ main sources of food. Squirrels are incredibly fond of berries, nuts and acorns. Look around the exterior of your property and remove these types of squirrel food. If you have a tree that produces this food and it hangs near your roof, this may be why squirrels keep jumping on it. All you need to do is cut down any branches close to your roof. This is because squirrels are incredibly good jumpers.


Get reasable trashcans


Trashcans are an incredibly rich source of food for squirrels. If you have an open outdoor trashcan, consider getting a sealable one. If they can’t find a source of food around your home, they will have no option than to leave.


Use natural squirrel repellent  


These creatures really don’t like black pepper or cayenne. It will not kill them but will cause them to stay well away from your home. You can easily make squirrel repellent by adding black pepper to water in a 1:9 ratio. Put it in a container with a spray nozzle and spread it around where the squirrels are causing you problems.

Alternatively, you can acquire squirrel repellent at any garden & home store. At these stores, they cleverly have repellent created from the urine of squirrel predators. Therefore, they are likely to stay well away from your property!
Getting rid of squirrels inside your home.

A majority of squirrels can be found outside your property. However, what do you do if you are finding them inside your home?
It is best to check that there is no food in your attic. If there is, spend some time ridding it of food. So long as there is food there, squirrels will find means and ways of getting in.

Shockingly, some people report seeing squirrels in their living rooms and bedrooms. This can be incredibly worrying, because squirrels are nothing more than rodents. Having squirrels in your home is similar to having a rat infestation. They are likely to be getting in through the attic or gaps in walls. Anti-rodent guards can be bought cheaply and placed over your chimney’s opening. They have the benefit of keeping squirrels out and allowing smoke to leave your property.

Moreover, look around your property for gaps and seal them with cement. You can then lead any squirrels inside your property outside, using berries and nuts. If this is proving difficult or uncomfortable, call your local pest control, who will be able to remove them without resorting to lethal force.

In conclusion, having squirrels in and/or around your property can be an incredibly uncomfortable experience. However, the tips in this article will allow you to get rid of them in no time.