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Control Mice-Effective Mouse Control

Mice are probably the most common pest in Toronto. Just like in every urban center mice populations thrive and make their way into homes. They are very adaptable creatures and capable of reproducing extremely fast. In Toronto mice predominantly thrive in more populated areas and mostly downtown. Areas that are more prone to mice infestations are those closer to the downtown core. Older structures and ones in close proximity to restaurants are more prone to mouse infestations just because of the availability of food and the ease of access mice can have.

If you too think you might have mice living in your space you need to try to act fast and deal with the problem in the early stages. While calling a professional pest control technician would be the best thing to do, there are some things you can try on your own and see you can get rid of mice on your own.

The most important thing is to make sure all entry points to your home are sealed. This can be achieved by inspecting the exterior of your home, sealing any holes, regardless of how small they seem to be.

Once you have sealed all entry points it’s time to work on eliminating any pest inside your home. Try to find all areas where mice have been frequenting. You can do so by looking for droppings. Place traps in areas where you see droppings, as well near areas where you have seen other signs such as indicators of mice having consumed food.

While these are some good tips for dealing with mice, they are just an overview of what a professional exterminator will do to help. Remember, that it is best to have a professional deal with the mouse problem.