keep skunks at bay

Keep Skunks At Bay

Keeping skunks away from your home is extremely important as they can spray an offending smell up to a distance of 15ft away. Additionally, when skunks bite they may cause rabies. However keeping the skunks away from your home can be tough as they’re scavengers and eat just about everything they can find like human waste, bird eggs, bugs and larvae and tiny rodents among many others often from badgers to rubbish. They start visiting you often when they find some flavoursome morsel at your place.

Since skunks are more active at nighttime they are probably going to be seen or smelled at night or early morning scavenging for food. So here is the easy way to keep skunks away from your home. To keep skunks away from your home it is first important to know some of the most typical sorts of foodstuffs that customarily attract them to your place helping you to handle such food carefully to keep them off. The 1st is insecure garbage. When the trash is transferred outside for pick-up, it ought to be stored in a pile of plastic rubbish can installed with lids so that even they’re knocked over they can still stay on or an industrial-strength metal. Unguarded bags shouldn’t be placed out of the curb. Another thing that attracts skunks is pet food.

Pet foods that are vulnerable shouldn’t be left outside at night or you may finish up with a skunk family near your place. Fruits, berries and nuts are other sorts of food that skunks like. If some trees or bushes bear berries, fruits or nuts around your home, it is very important to get rid of any that have fallen on the ground occasionally. These fruits, berries and nuts aren’t only fed on by the skunks but they also attract rodents that skunks also eat. Additionally, skunks also love grubs which are largely larva of beetles living under gardens. Skunks will dig tiny holes in the yard while on the hunt for them. Advantageous nematodes can be employed in the yard to eat grubs, therefore, getting shot of skunks.

Aside from the above food spills from bird feeders, water sources easily accessed, ground-dwelling insects in giant numbers under foliage and compost heaps should be minimized or eliminated from your compound. Skunk repellants are also valuable in keeping skunks away from your place. But most repellants appear do not give trusty ends in all cases.

The most effective repellents for keeping skunks away include intense light, automated sprinklers, solutions of spicy pepper and commercial skunk repellants. Also pussy-cat and dog repellents have shown good results. The pepper sprays need to be re-applied after a few days to remain effective. Motion sensors may be employed together with floods of brilliant light and automated sprays to effectively keep skunks away from your place.

Ultimately skunk barriers also work particularly well. In erecting a barrier it’s vital to notice that skunks are terrible climbers but aren’t able to jump really high, can fit thru tiny openings like about four inches and may be able to dig well. So larger open areas should be enclosed by using a wire mesh like chicken wire about three-foot high and one foot deep so that skunks will not burrow beneath.

If you are having skunk problems, have seen a skunk in your back yard or just want to have an inspection done, you can contact us for animal removal and schedule a skunk removal appointment.