pigeon deterrents that work

Pigeon Deterrents that Work

Pigeons may be cute at first, but once they start making your balcony or roof their home, they stop being cute just like that. Their burgeoning population is causing loads of problems for urban dwellers as their droppings and feathers get everywhere. Pigeon control can be a difficult task. Every situation and location is different. Pigeons are fairly adaptable and can sometime even overcome the barriers and spikes set to keep them away. If you too have a pigeon problem, you ought to try some of these pigeon deterrents that work.

Pigeon traps- live traps come very highly recommended for pigeon control and Bob traps are usually the traps of choice. It consists of a one way door where the birds are lured in with bait (wheat, cracked corn, popcorn etc.) but remember you need to place some decoy pigeons inside the trap as this will encourage the rascals to jump inside the trap. It’s like an invitation for them to congregate as they are very social birds. However, they do have excellent homing abilities and if you release them near your home, they will most likely return to your house and decide to give you some grief for trapping them.

Build Pigeons Out- This is what you call Exclusion. It is also called “pigeon-proofing” and what you need to do is modify some aspects of your property so pigeons do not find any nooks and crannies to call home or use as a social gathering venue. Try for some pigeon spikes, bird slopes, electric tracks, and bird netting just to name a few. However, you will need a pro to install these and they cause a fair bit of money. You will also need someone who has the skills to install these but the exclusion method is one the most effective methods of pigeon control out there.

It will take a lot out of you to fight these pigeons but trust that it will be worth it once you get them to stop coming to your home. Not only are their droppings disgusting, but they are also corrosive. Plus they carry diseases just like rats do. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your property to make sure that you take measures that will keep pigeons away.