signs of a bed bug infestation

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

A bed bug is a nasty little insect that survives on the blood of warm blooded creatures and people alike. Bed bugs are small, reddish- brown and look almost flat. Although these pests can be seen with your eyes, they are hard to find because they scatter and hide when disturbed. Bed bugs are known to be nocturnal. When bed bugs are the suspected culprits, you should be aware that they can not only live in your bed but have also been known to frequent couches, curtains, carpets and almost any other type of cushy furniture.

Bed Bug Signs

There are some signs of bed bug existence that you should look for when you suspect your home is infested with these small insects. The first sign is people complaining of bug bites. These bites can resemble a small mosquito bite with redness, and they are super itchy. A second sign that you have an infestation is finding red blood stains or smears on your furniture. These tracks are from the bugs gorging on blood. A third sign that you may have these nasty little bugs is finding black droppings on your bed or furniture. On occasion, you may find a deceased bed bug carcass lying on the floor or beneath a furnishing.

The best way to confirm a suspected bed bug infestation is to call a company who specializes in finding and treating this problem. Most companies who specialize in treating this problem have dogs that are trained to sniff out these bugs. Some companies use insecticides while others use a heat treatment to kill them. The best way to prevent bed bugs is to use special covers on your furnishings and mattresses, and if you ever buy used furniture, make sure to inspect it well before you bring it into your home. Have take care of the problem.