simple cockroach control solutions for your home

Simple Cockroach Control Solutions for Your Home

Cockroaches are one common type of pest in Toronto. They are resilient creatures that can pretty much live anywhere and thrive. The negative part of their presence is that they are known to carry and transmit diseases to humans through food contamination. This is the reason why you need to control cockroaches at your home. There are many  tips on how to reduce the threat of cockroach infestation; here are just a few pest control suggestions for your home.

How to prevent intrusion

Ensure that you block all entry sites to where you keep food stuffs. Thoroughly check for any cracks in pipes of water, windows and vents. These are the entry points of cockroaches and need to be repaired. This is the best stage from which you can control the presence of these pests. By doing this you deny them any access to areas where they can hide and thrive. It is better to prevent other than trying to deal with a present threat.

Deny the cockroaches any chance of getting food. Keep food in sealed places and avoid any garbage around your home. Keep your dust bin tightly lidded and collect any trash that may be in your compound. These deny the pests any chance of survival since they cannot thrive without food.

You may use traps and over the counter pesticides to control the spread of cockroaches. This is used when the pests are already in your home. Place the traps and spray the pesticide at areas where you spotted the pests. They mostly like dark corners during the day and places with food remnants at night. These should be your target areas to trap and kill them.

Sometimes the population of the cockroaches is beyond your control. At this stage, call for an expert to exterminate them. Just go for a reputable service provider. These and more readily available tips are going to aid you in controlling the entry and spread of cockroaches. If you are experiencing a cockroach infestation at more advanced stages you need to contact a cockroach exterminator.