toronto metro bedbugs

Toronto Bed Bug Epidemic

There are many people all over Toronto that have had a bed bug epidemic in their homes. There are certain things that you will need to know when dealing with these bugs. It is also important to know why and how they spread as fast as they do.

When dealing with a bed bug epidemic it is best to start with some knowledge of what a bed bug is. Bed bugs are in fact small parasites that feed off human blood. It should be noted that it is not only human blood that they can feed on but any type of warm blood. Inside the house, the bed bugs will usually be found in the bed but they are known to be found in couches and curtains.

The one thing to know about these creatures is that they will often hide in inaccessible areas. Another thing is that a bed bug can go without feeding for months. The fact that you cannot see them and that they do not need to feed creates more of a problem when there is an epidemic. Of course, once they start to spread you will find that it is a long and hard process to get rid of them.

Knowing about their reproduction is key to understanding their spread. Once the bed bugs are in the house they will start reproducing. This is a fast process where the female lays 4 or 5 eggs each day. Once the eggs hatch the nymph or baby bed bug will reach maturity in around one month. Once they are mature they will start reproducing.

Bed bugs can spread through the house via a number of different things. They can use carpets, wood door frames, furniture and bed linen to move around the house. If you have moved a piece of furniture from the bedroom to another room there may be eggs in the creaks which will spread the bugs further.

There are many things you should be aware of when dealing with a bed bug epidemic. Of course, should you find bed bugs in your house it is best to call a licensed pest control technician.