understanding what attracts termites

Understanding What Attracts Termites

Termites, while dreaded enemies for any homeowner, are living creatures with needs just like ours. If a home presents itself with ideal conditions for termites, it is just a matter of time before they settle in. Understanding their needs is the key to knowing what attracts termites.
Every living thing needs food, water, and shelter; termites are no exception. Their diet in the wild would consist of tree bark and other foliage, which are reproduced in the home through wooden furniture and other tree-based products such as paper and cardboard. Having a food source near the house is an open invitation for termites. Water, for termites, serves not only to hydrate but also to provide protection and easy access to food. Water and soil can be combined to make muddy substances that are then molded into tunnels. Having a very moist environment, especially mud, near the foundation of your house as well as near tree-based materials would guarantee a safe and sustainable environment for termites to breed and live in.

This termite-ideal environment only gets worse during warm and wet seasons. The increased chances of rain would not only promote the moist environment they need but will also help to rot wood for easier digestion – essentially the termite version of having food cooked instead of raw. Furthermore, any seasonal damage inflicted on the house may lead to cracks and other new openings for termites and other insects to crawl in.

Termites thrive on three important aspects: tree-based foods, soil, and water. The foundation of your house, as well as a few inches above it (6-12 inches), should be clear of wood, soil, and any kind of constant water source that could turn nearby soil into mud. Houses should also be inspected for any openings that may need to be reinforced. Any wood or cardboard that must be kept near the house should be far enough away to discourage any nearby termites from settling in the house, and should ideally be kept in a non-wooden garage and/or on a gravel floor.

If you have observed signs of termites contact us to schedule a termite inspection or treatment.