why cockroaches love kitchens

Why Cockroaches Love Kitchens

Cockroaches: One of the most despised creatures on the planet, they can turn your kitchen into a horror movie. Understanding why roaches are such fans of kitchens is the first step in getting rid of them for good. First of all, most kitchens are warm. The pilot light on a stove, the coils on the back of a refrigerator — these places and more give cockroaches the balmy climate they crave. Second, kitchens generally have lots of moisture, another factor that can contribute to a cockroach issue. Roaches also like dark places, like cabinets and pantries. But the biggest factor is, of course, the food.

Even if food is stowed away and no crumbs are lying around on the floor, a kitchen still may be vulnerable to cockroach infestation. They are resourceful creatures, crawling into any crack or crevice, taking advantage of any gap between a kitchen and the outside world. They also stow away in food shipping boxes and containers that, unless they are recycled or thrown away immediately, can harbor bugs, including cockroaches. So, that warm pantry or the forgotten region under the fridge, full of crumbs and condensation — those can be two of your cockroach problem areas.

Besides keeping your kitchen relatively cool and dry, any gaps in the floor, cabinetry or otherwise should be caulked or repaired to keep pests out. Cleanliness is key as well. Clean up crumbs, dust and liquids that would tempt cockroaches into enjoying a meal. Because once they’re in your kitchen, they can reproduce at an astounding rate: thousands of offspring per year!

Any food that is in a partially opened container, such as a cardboard box or foil bag, is vulnerable. Opened containers of chips, pasta, crackers, cereal — any grain product in particular — should be resealed in a pest-proof container. Use a plastic zip bag or lidded container to seal out roaches. Follow these tips, and you can keep your kitchen from becoming a cockroach horror show.