3 effective pigeon deterrents that work

3 Effective Pigeon Deterrents that Work

Whether your home is in the city or the countryside, pigeons can be a serious cause of nuisance. So finding effective pigeon deterrents that work is an important matter. Because some pigeons might be carrying diseases that can be transmitted to us – especially if you have young children at home. Also pigeon droppings contain a quite good amount of uric acid, which causes paint damage on your vehicle and your house walls or the balcony floor. So if you have encountered a problem with too many pigeons around your house, it is a wise idea to look for an effective bird deterrent solution or find a pigeon removal Toronto technician.

So how can you find a safe and proven deterrent that is effective on repelling pigeons? Here are top three proven strategies to help you save your home from this nuisance. Here we focus on natural methods that are safe and do not cause any life threats to the birds, yet still keeping them away from your home.

Sound Deterrents

Birds are sensitive to certain sounds and frequencies. So by using a device that generates this repelling
sound, you can rest assured the pigeons will stay far away from your neighborhood. Some effective
examples of these deterrents include hawk sounds and firecrackers.

Fake Owl Statues

In the nature, owls are natural predators for pigeons. So by installing a fake owl statue on your terrace, in
front of your window, and wherever the pigeons frequently pass by around your building, you can easily scare
them away.

Pigeon Spikes

Bird spikes work as the perfect repellent for pigeons, as they prevent them from landing on the surface. In
case you might be concerned, the spikes will not hurt the bird in any way. It just creates a barrier to make it
uncomfortable for pigeons to land or build their nest.

Using the above mentioned methods, you can easily create a pigeon-free environment around your home –
safer for your family and children.  You can find out more about pigeons or visit our animal control section.