dealing with a raccoon in the attic

Dealing With A Raccoon In The Attic

Raccoons are common household pests that tend to cause quite a bit of damage if left unattended. They are found on attics, or garages or in other places around your home. They can carry deadly diseases like rabies and can also damage your porch and swimming pool. Female raccoons can even build their homes in attics and bring in lot of debris and leave fecal matter around it.  It is necessary for you to take necessary measures to make sure raccoons are removed to ensure that your home is free from raccoons.

You can use traps that will not harm the raccoon in your attic. The first step is to locate the exact area that the raccoon visits frequently. Next, you must find the opening that lets the raccoon go in and out. Once this is done, you must contact your local wildlife management authority. In some areas, there are certain regulations and also licenses necessary to trap and release the raccoon that has entered your living space. You can purchase raccoon traps that are effective in catching the raccoon. They are usually available in hardware stores, gardening stores or even on pest control sites online. The ideal size for your raccoon trap is 14X14 inches. These traps contain a wired or meshed body with a tray where you can place the bait. Make sure you check the trap regularly to ensure that the animal is not trapped for too long without food and water.
You can even make an eco friendly raccoon repellent at home. Boil cayenne peppers, jalapeño and onions in water for 20 minutes. Strain the water and pour it into a pump spray. To this mixture add some liquid dish soap so that the repellent will stick to the area that you spray upon. This spray should be used in the space in your attic that raccoons visit frequently. You can also spray it on all possible entrances to ensure that the house remains free from raccoons. In case of heavy rainfall, make sure that you repeat the spray. This is an effective and humane wildlife control method to ensure that your home is free from raccoons.