3 interesting facts about cockroaches

3 Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

If there is an insect that were to land on the bottom part of a “favorites” list, it has to be the cockroach. It is a fact that people despise these insects for the reasons that they are dirty, disease-carrying pests and the fact that they look less appealing is just the icing on an otherwise already ugly cake. However, as nasty as these insects are, they also happen to be quite fascinating as they have some features totally unique to their kind. Read on below for some interesting cockroach facts.

Cockroaches will eat nearly everything and can even live without food or water for extended periods. These roaches may be nasty but they also happen to be very adaptable. In fact, they are scavengers that happen to have a sweet tooth. They love eating sweet food but if there are no sweets to nibble on, they will gladly feast on paper, paste, bookbinding, soap, and even hair. To make things worse, there are some species of
cockroach that can survive nearly 2 months without a single meal. It is this incredible resilience that makes roaches tough to get rid of in homes. Out in the wild though, cockroaches are quite useful in breaking down organic waste by eating it.

Most Cockroaches are Not Considered as Pests. The roaches you find in your homes are pests but do you
know that a very limited number of species are considered as pests? Only a limited number of cockroach species live in people’s homes. There are approximately 40,000 species of cockroach and only 30 or so live in human homes. The rest are to be found in burrow, forests, caves etc. where they feast on organic waste and other forest debris.

Roaches like Cuddles. Okay, this is not to say you should go out and give the first roach you see a big hug but just to let you know, cockroaches are thigmotropic which means they like the feel being in contact with solid objects. This is why you will likely find them in cracks and crevices or even sleeping under your neatly stacked towels and linens.

So you see, cockroaches as reviled as these bugs may be, they do have some redeeming qualities. You can easily loathe the ones you have at home but try not to judge other species too harshly. They do have some benefits in their own natural habitats.

If you have seen a cockroach around the house, chances are there are more. They hide and multiply fast. Call us for cockroach extermination.