how to deal with a termite infestation

How to Deal With a Termite Infestation

Termites are a real problem in certain parts of Toronto. If you have seen signs of termites, it is best to consult a professional licensed termite exterminator. Dealing with termites requires expertise and the proper use of techniques, tools and treatments.

While the approach of every exterminator differs somewhat, all licensed exterminators follow the steps outlined in the integrated pest management system. This starts with an inspection to confirm the presence of the pest and to decide on possible ways of treatment. In general, termite treatment requires the eradication of the termite population from the foundation as well as from all over areas around the house. Areas such as a garage, fence poles or other wooden structures.

The first step is to identify the type of termite. In Toronto, the most common type is the subterranean type. For subterranean termites, the approach requires time and effort as the treatment area may extend beyond the walls of your house. Treatment may involve the placement of repellants in the ground to limit the expansion of the colony.

Chemical treatments are required to treat a termite infestation properly. As a result, termite treatments should only be implemented by professionals. Some of the available products include boric acid, Termidor for soil treatment and bora care for wood treatment. These insecticides are then applied around the areas that are highly populated with termites.

In the case that the termites have infested wooden beams or older wooden foundation poles there might be a need to drill some holes on to determine the exact location of the insect and to apply the treatment.

Termite baits are can also be placed in the ground to attract and kill insects. also, deal with a termite infestation through the mainstream method of using baits. Baiting is still a popular long-term solution to eliminating subterranean termites among others. With proper termite monitoring, you will be able to use the smart disc, hex pro, advanced termite baits among others to clear an entire generation.

It is also a prevention method once all the termites are killed through chemical treatments. It may be used to ensure that new insects do not invade your home. If you suspect that you or a neighbour has termites contact us for termite control services. Even if you have not observed signs of termites, it might be wise to apply termite barriers around your house to deter exploratory termites from making their way to your property. Call a pest control professional today.