3 signs of a termite problem and how to ensure protection

3 Signs of A Termite Problem and How to Ensure Protection

If you are a homeowner, you need to be cautious about termite infestations and the damage they may cause to your home. A common myth persists that termites are mostly active in spring. But in reality, they are active throughout the year. Let’s take a look at the major signs of a termite problem. If you see those signs, be sure to call a termite control technician.

Wood that sounds hollow

A humid and dark environment is preferred by termites. So they feed inside the wood, not the surface. There, they can also avoid detection. To detect whether there are termites, tap your wooden doors, frames or furniture. If one of them sounds hollow, be sure that the inside is harvested by termites.

Cracks on the surface or distorted paint

Termites generally enter the wood through very small cracks. Inspect wooden furniture, foundations and vents. If you find any blotched paint or cracks, immediately seal it off with wood putty. This will temporarily block the entry path of termites.

Mud lines on walls

Termites that are subterranean can be detected if mud tubes are seen on the exterior wall or house foundations. They generally build those tubes to provide moisture while on the exterior. A good step for prevention is to take away any deposits of wood chips, mulch or firewood near your house. They create a habitat rich with food and moisture which is literally the breeding ground for termites.

How to ensure protection

Apart from causing damage to valuable wooden furniture, termites can weaken house foundations. It is a problem that if not taken care of early, can be the cause of greater damage. If you detect signs of termite activity in your house, immediately call a pest control company that is licensed to carry out an inspection. They can easily detect breeding places of termites in and around your house and efficiently get rid of them from the root and provide instructions to prevent further breeding and ensure effective pest control.