how to avoid staying at hotels with bed bugs

How to Avoid Staying At Hotels With Bed Bugs

No one would like to stay in a hotel with bed bugs. This is because of negative consequences associated with these pest called bed bugs to not only your comfort sleep but also health problems since they feed on blood. However, you even have greater concern since you may even end up bringing the bed bugs to your home. You, as a traveler, need to take into consideration the necessary precautions in order to escape the problems most clients experience in these hotels.
First, ensure that you do adequate hotel research before booking. Check in and read online hotel reviews. Through this, you will find helpful information and reviews about that particular hotel. This information about room service, pest control measures, and cleanliness will help you make decision about visiting that particular hotel.

Take note of the negative reviews as this should raise red flags for your decision. Ask the hotel management on the precautions taken to ensure they eliminate this menace of bed bugs. Asses the entry point level of cleanliness and any sticky smell. Make sure, as soon as you reach the hotel conduct an inspection of the bed sheets, mattresses, headboard behind, behind wall hanging as well as pillowcases.

Also, look at the bed bug infestation signs. They include tiny black spots on the linens, glowing light brown skin shells. Once you detect the above signs, inform the hotel management to transfer you a different room. Repeat this similar inspection technique in the new room and ensure that the conditions are satisfied. In the hotel, only unpack your clothes on those places that you do not suspect bed bugs threats. With these prior precautions, you will not only avoid the problems associated with these hotels but also prevent serious complications in these hotels in case of you may mistakenly book the hotels.

If you think you have brought them home, then call an exterminator. We can help inspect and deal with the bed bug treatment.