arachnophobia dealing with spiders at home

Arachnophobia: Dealing With Spiders At Home

Arachnophobia is a psychological condition associated with the fear of spiders. The word arachnophobia is derived from two Greek words ‘Arachne’ which means ‘spider’ and ‘Phobos’ which means ‘fear’. It also entails the fear of other arachnids such as scorpions. According to, arachnophobia is the most common phobia in the world with statistics showing that about 50 percent of women and 10 percent of men exhibit symptoms of this phobia which may be in the form of instinctive response or as a result of a cultural phenomenon.


People suffering from this phobia undergo anxiety attacks when the thought that an area may be having spiders crosses their minds or when they see signs such as spider webs that may be evidence of the existence of a spider in an area. They may respond by either having short breaths, screaming, crying or sweating excessively. They are unable to come to close proximity of the area until they overcome the panic attack. This reaction is elevated if they see an actual spider.


How then do you deal with a spider if you suffer from arachnophobia? The use of spider traps may come to the aid. A spider trap is a system laid end to end creating a barrier that surrounds the arachnophobe (a person suffering from arachnophobia). The design of the trap is in such a way that it allows the spider to walk on it and become stuck due to the glue on the trap. The sloping sides of the trap ensure that the spider does not gain grip. This trap need only be laid at night and stored during the day since spiders are nocturnal creatures.


Most of the poisonous spiders are big in size and hence cannot be able to crawl smooth walls without falling off. Hence you do not have to worry about them crawling walls to get to you. These traps can be able to catch the fastest spiders and those that change direction in an instant. Thus these traps are quite effective. The best way to use these traps is to place them end to end across doorways and rooms.


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