what can help to get rid mice in a car

What Can Help to Get Rid of Mice in a Car?

What can help to get rid of mice in a car? If you’re asking yourself that question, things have reached critical mass. Mice, like any pest love to nest and breed in the weirdest of places. In a car, with hundreds of unreachable compartments and moving parts, a family of mice living in your car is one of the worst possible and most irritating threats to you and your car. For those who live in rural areas, this is an especially common malady. There are many solutions to remove mice thankfully, so let’s look into that and see what we can do about removing these tiny dangers from your automobile.  
The car wash 

Strange but true, but taking your car to the car wash can help to eliminate the issue. Not cleaning your car and making it all shiny of course, but the loud noises could scare the mice out of the car. Open all the doors at the carwash, get the vacuum cleaner out and begin suctioning the hard-to-reach areas. With some luck, the loud noises and motion (in the mice hiding spots) will cause them to run out. It’s the most “humane” option for pest elimination and a cheap alternative to traps and poisons. Also, you’ll have an excuse to clean your car. What can help to get rid of mice in a car? Hopefully the carwash.

Keep the hood up at night 

Mice and rats like nesting in dark, cozy places. Only do this if you own a garage though, as if you do this outside you’ll only encourage more critters to nest in your car.

Make your car stink (to rodents) 

Use peppermint oil, cat litter, red pepper spray, fox urine, as well as cat and dog hair on your car and its internal wires to keep the mice away. What can help to get rid of mice in a car? Also a product known as Rataway. Spray it all over the engine, one of the hottest parts of the car, and the section of your automobile that mice are most likely to nest in. Do this to the entrances of your car as well to ensure that no mice climb through the doors or open windows.

Block the small entrances to your car and remove any rubbish from your driveway 

If your car is located near the garbage bins or bushes, it’s then a one-stop trip from there to your car for the mice. Keep your car in a location clear of detritus and shrubbery. Also, hole up small entrances to your car by using objects like a wire mesh on the underside of your car. What can help to get rid of mice in a car? Ensuring that your car is also free of cat, bird and dog food.

So, what can help to get rid of mice in a car in the least human way possible? That would be snap and glue traps. While these have been proven to work, they pose a slight danger for the owner of the vehicle as well. What if a trap falls from a hiding spot onto your foot while driving? Do the research and rely on the experts for advice if all else fails.