cockroaches lay eggs

Where Do Cockroaches Lay Their Eggs?

Cockroaches are known to be hardy pests. They can live for three months without food and a month without water. These makes it easy for the pests to breed. They reproduce by way of laying eggs. Just as other living things, they will do so in the best environment and place possible. Where do cockroaches lay their eggs? Such places are; 

Dark corners. Cockroaches are agile insects that run away if exposed to light. Thus dark corners are best for them to lay eggs.

Drawers chests. Drawers are mostly dark as they are kept locked for the purpose of securing documents and other useful essentials. Due to this, cockroaches find a breeding place due to warmth and comfort.

Garbage cans. The cans holds waste including food leftovers. The insects feed on human and pet foods hence making the cans suitable for eggs laying.

Kitchen cabinet. Due to warm situations in the kitchen, they find it suitable to lay eggs. Such conditions  accelerates eggs and can cause a female cockroach to have 300-400 offspring in it’s lifetime.

Cracks. Concrete floors and walls sometimes develop openings which act as a hideout for cockroaches and also a breeding habitat. Other surfaces are furniture, cabinets, doors and ceilings.

The above habitats are however made suitable by factors that are not constant depending on various environment. Wet conditions, warmth, availability of feeds to the insects, poor lighting, low standard hygiene among others. It is worth noting that cockroaches will lay eggs even when dead. The eggs have hard shells hence can withstand a considerable amount of mechanical pressure without breaking.Though most cockroach species live in a wide range of habitats, they prefer warm conditions. Cockroaches take an average of five hours to lay their eggs. These makes their reproduction very fast and if not well tackled, it can be unmanageable and is with associated with health hazards.