checking for bed bugs

Checking For Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation can really be a nuisance. The bad news is that, there are increasing episodes of bed bugs infestations in most parts of Toronto. Detecting the presence of these perturbing tiny creatures, either in a cruise ship, hotel room, or in our homes is not easy. Routine inspection for bed bugs is thus important to ensure we keep these pests away. This will spare you the agony associated with bed bugs infestations. Here are some tips on how to check for bed bugs.

It is possible to detect an infestation without necessarily seeing a bed bug. While there are several signs that can point towards a bed bug infestation, the presence of a bite is the best indicator. However, not all bites are due to bed bugs. A medical examination of the bite cannot conclusively link the bites with the pests. Thus, a physical examination of the bug or egg is also critical. The most effective way of conducting the inspection is to engage the services of a qualified pest control expert.

In case you experience bites and cannot see any bug, consider the circumstances under which the bites occur. Constant bites on the skin in the morning are a good indication of the presence of the bugs. Bed bugs often leave several dark fecal stains in places whey they dwell. It is difficult to remove the dark spots if wiped with a dry rag. However, it will smear on a wet rag. These stains are partially digested blood. However, you cannot see the blood unless you crush a recently fed bug. Bed bugs always reveal a sweet scent when crushed.

These are just but a few tips on how to check for bed bugs. It is important to remember that, these creatures lead a very cryptic lifestyle. They can remain undetected for quite a long time. It is thus important to have an experienced pest control technician do a thorough bed bug inspection.