common household products kill bed bugs

Common Household Products That Kill Bed Bugs

Turning to household products to get rid of bed bugs, which have infested into your premise can be the best reliable and effective option of having a home free of bed bugs without necessarily using insecticides, which are poisonous and harmful to you the environment as well. Using household items to control bed bugs infestation is the safest and suitable method to go for.

The following are the household items that can be utilized to destroy completely bed bugs and their eggs: 

Steam Cleaner 

Steam the bed bug hiding grounds is another available way to manage them. In your daily treatment process do not skip this step. Steam is lethal to both the bed bugs and their eggs on addition, to its ability to reach the parts that are inaccessible, getting rid of bed bugs in their breeding areas hence keeping their population in check. Make sure that the unit you are using is able to generate vapor flow of high pressure. Set the steam settings well for effective steam flow over the bed bugs and eggs. Dry steam is the most preferred because it will leave your room dry and will lower the chances of property or garment damage. Remember to steam all the places even the unexpected areas this include small openings in the walls, behind baseboards and other areas.


Put the infested objects into the freezer for a period of four days. Set the temperature as low as -18C. At this temperature ice would form inside the bed bug’s body, causing damage to body tissues and organs leading to demise of the organism. Freezing can damage some household products like electronics with LCD panels, items with liquid inside and more. These items should not be put in a freezer despite the bed bug spread. Talk to an expert about ways to treat these objects safely.

Vacuum Cleaner 

This appliance can be used to suck the bed bugs and their eggs into a bag that acts as a trap. Empty the contents into a trash container with a lid to ensure that the bed bugs are fully controlled. Vacuum clean every room as if it is heavily infested to eradicate all the bedbugs. Do not leave anything to chance when it comes to bed bug menace. Look for a friend to help or hire someone to do what you cannot accomplish. Clean behind the baseboards, any openings in the wall, beddings, box spring among other areas.

Baking Powder 

It is sometimes difficult to eradicate bed bugs. The typical remedy has always being the use of lethal chemicals. But there are a variety of ways to kill bed bugs without the use of toxics or poisonous substances. Baking powder gets rid of bed bugs through dehydration, which force the insects to dry out.


In a world where bed bug infestations is becoming a threat, effective cheaper ways need to be employed to win fight against these parasites. Salt treatment works, but it is most effective during the early days of infestations. When you discover bed bugs in your house late then the use of salt as a remedy may not be effective.