how to mouse proof your home

How To Mouse Proof Your Home

Several people have tried different ways to get rid of mice within their homes. Despite being successful they always find themselves with the same problem after a few days. The mice seem to get a way of coming back. If you fall within this category, then this article will be of great help to you. It is aimed at providing insight on how to get rid of mouse from your home effectively. A complete mouse control solution, needs to have mouse proofing integrated.

Mice just like other rodents, breed very fast. That is why it proves very difficult for people to completely get rid of them. They also live in the dark cracks and can hide very well. Mice pose a serious health hazard because they carry bacteria that cause salmonella. Likewise their droppings may carry round worms. Mouse proof your home effectively will entail closing all the possible entry points. Identify them and close them so that you can easily trap them bait. These traps should be placed in areas where these mice frequent.

Without having blocked entry points you cannot effectively trap them this is because they will be going in and out at ease. Areas with mouse droppings are signs of areas the mice frequent. Wire mesh may be used to block all entry points made of material that the mice cannot easily chew through.

Likewise sanitize your home and remove food, water and shelter for the mice. By making them inaccessible you reduce on mice infestation. Yu could also consider having a domestic cat. Cats and mice do not see eye to eye. Cats are very effective at catching and chasing away mice. A clean kitchen contributes to keeping mice away. All scraps should be thrown out and all foodstuffs stored away in areas they cannot get to.

Without a food source for them, your home will not appeal to them as much and they will be forced to leave. There are instances when you may need professional and expertise advice of how get rid of these rodents from your home. Exterminators can rid your home off these rodents irrespective of the level of manifestation.