different types of cockroaches

Different Types of Cockroaches

Most of us only see cockroaches as pests, because the ones that we let into our homes usually are! However, there are very specific species of roaches that actually fall into the category of insects that dwell in human habitat, and a further lesser number that are household pests.

Cockroaches may look the same to us and no matter which type they may be, they are sure to be labeled as pests, but that really isn’t the case.

You’ll be surprised to know that there are about 4600 different species of cockroaches across the planet, and considering that these critters have been around since dinosaurs walked the earth, you can even accept this as understandable.

Now, although we do look at every cockroach with the tag of a pest attached to it, the fact is that out of these 4600 different species of cockroaches, only 30 of them actually are a part of human habitat.

Out if these 30 species too, most of them go about their business without actually troubling humans or coming in their way and it is only about four species of roaches that are truly recognized as pests.

These four species are the American Cockroaches, the German Cockroaches, the Oriental Cockroaches and the Brown-Banded Cockroaches.

The American Cockroaches are about two inches in size and are the largest among these pests. They have wings and can be found just about everywhere in North America – homes, buildings, restaurants, and more.

German Cockroaches are smaller in size and are brown or dark brown in color. These cockroaches are even capable of feeding on books!

Oriental Cockroaches grow to about an inch in size and are almost black in color. These species do not have wings.

Then come the Brown-Banded Cockroaches that are about half an inch in size.