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How do Pest Control Professionals Deal With Ants?

Spring is the season when ants become most active and treatment becomes almost necessary in some cases. They make their way indoors in their search for food. In some cases, they remain active indoors throughout the winter months. In most cases, ants are just a nuisance. In some cases, certain types of ants can cause significant problems to structures. That is why no ant problem should be left untreated.

Ants serve a crucial function outdoors. Ants break down organic matter, aerate the soil and control the populace of several other insects. So the goal of pest control professionals must not be to terminate them altogether, but just to regulate them and keep them away from households.

There are many types of ants active in Toronto in the spring. These are carpenter ants, pavement ants and pharaoh ants. With the exemption of carpenter ants, most ants are handled in basically the same manner. Carpenter ants often need professional treatment and due to their destructive nature on structures, they must be managed when discovered.

Ants set up colonies and they release scouts to find water and food (resources). The scouts leave scent trails enabling them to go back to the colonies with news of discovered resources. The other colony members would follow the scent trails to gather resources and carry them back to the colony. Based upon the type of ant, colonies would also establish sub-colonies near resources or they would give out queens to set up new independent colonies.

The key to controlling ants professionally without destroying them is to destroy their colonies. This is achieved by a combination of treatments. The use of insecticide bait and insecticide spray or dust. The spray limits their numbers and contains the problem while the use of bait targets their colonies.

  • Removing their scent trails
  • Getting rid of the food supply or source
  • Sealing their entrance to households
  • Using low-toxicity and natural compounds to target colonies as necessary


Pest control professionals have access to tools and products that most consumers do not. Being licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment allows exterminators to acquire and use chemicals that can be very effective in treating ants.

There are however some things that homeowners can do to limit an ant problem.

Getting rid of ants scent trails

After seeing scouts, pest control professionals should destroy them and wipe the area. This crucial step prevents the formation of main scent trails and prevents scouts from informing the colony concerning any found resources. Once a scent trail has been set up, experts begin from the food supply and wipe up backwards to the entrance of the trail using a sponge with lathered water. Plain water cannot completely confiscate the trail.

Sealing ants entrance to households

As temporary barriers for ants, there are several things that can discourage ants. Ants cannot cross Vaseline or different sticky substances. Cinnamon, boric acid and chili powder are also evaded by ants. Entrances of ants should be blocked with any of these materials. For a more lasting blockade, flexible caulk is used to seal holes, cracks and gaps.

If the problem persists, it is best to hire an exterminator. Most household products do not work. Call us for ant control solutions: 647-931-6581