how to deal with mice in the office

How To Deal With Mice in The Office

The following are measures on how to deal with mice in the office. One should ensure that the office is clean. This includes cleaning the floors, and behind furniture. This is to prevent any thing edible that can attract mice into the office. One should also ensure that water sources like water dispensers and taps are in good condition to avoid water leakage This is in order to prevent water spillage on the office floors which may attract rats as they look for water to drink.

One need also to look for openings in the office which can allow rats into the office. This holes are normally found near the rooftops, walls and floors. When found they should be sealed with metal mesh or steel wool. However air vents should be covered with metal mesh only.  If your office is infested with mice, Get rid of the existing mice using snap traps. Avoid using poisons for they can cause rats to die in undesirable areas. Baits are also recommended, use bait traps using peanut
butter, chocolate, dried fruit or bacon.

Set the traps near holes, cracks and walls where mice are suspected to appear from. The traps can be set at night and removed in the morning. Use many traps to produce good results. Keep garbage in trash cans with tightly fitting lids This includes ensuring no paper or food material is on the floors. This keeps mice away. Ensure that all the windows and doors properly fit into their frames. This bars mice from entering the office especially at night.

Ensure that the grass around your office is trimmed to the right size. This is avoids heavy grass cover which can serve as mice shelter. Also ensure that there are no heaps of wood or debris around your office.