how to deal with ants in the kitchen

How to Deal With Ants in The Kitchen

How to Control Ants in the Kitchen. Ants represent a large portion of the insect kingdom. Outdoors help control many insect pests and assist in the decomposition of organic matter. But indoors, the ants become a bother especially in the kitchen since it is a challenging place to eliminate them because there are so many sources of food. Therefore, if you notice these small insects in your home and kitchen, act fast to stop them from becoming a major problem. You can try taking care of the problem yourself before you contact an ant exterminator Toronto. If you try and fail you can call us for help.



Ants can cause cost you both wasted food and time. Some ants are attracted and drawn to grease especially those left in cooking pans while others prefer sweet foods like jellies or sugar. If foods are infested with ants, you will have to discard them. They cost you time because it will take a lot of time to eliminate them and search all items and foods in the area.


Getting rid of ants

Trace the trail of the ants outside before killing them to perceive where they are originating from. Ants can creep into the house through crevices and cracks in walls, windows and under doors. As soon as you know where the ants are originating from, mix a few jets of soap with water in a spray bottle. Use dish soap and not any other soap. Then spray the invaders with water mixed with soap. This exterminates the ant and dislocates the scent trail they tag along into your kitchen, hence thwarting new ones from arriving. You can also use the following to kill and disrupt their scent; vinegar, lemonade, pledge, cinnamon and cooking oil spray. Wipe the dead ants with a paper or paper towel and dispose of them.



I. Improve the seals on windows and doors and caulk any crevices and cracks in your house to make your kitchen ant-proof.

II.  Put the bait jars with peanut butter and borax inside the cabinet and behind furniture since they will feed the butter and borax to kill them.

III. Clean the kitchen after cooking and eating and wash the counters to remove the scent and trail left by worker ants.