how to deal with rats in your attic

How To Deal With Rats in Your Attic

It is very important to eradicate and control the rodent population in your home and also to prevent further infestations from happening in the future. This is because of the unending damage these animals cause and on top of that, they also pose a health risk to you and your family. Rodents especially rats are very destructive as they go chewing anything on site. The following are some tips on how to control rats in your attic.

Carry out an inspection
This is the first thing that an individual should do. In order to understand the severity of the situation and have a superior idea of where to put traps and baits, it is important to carry out a physical inspection of the attic and the premise as a whole. The early signs of a rat infestation include droppings; gnaw marks, runways, urine stains, grease marks or their sounds.

This is the best way to combat any pest or rodent problem in homes. For rats to survive they must feed and drink water therefore this means they have access to leftover food and uncovered water. The best way to ensure that these rodents have nothing to eat is important to store food in plastic bags and containers and also to store water in containers that have lids. Clear any bushes around your house, remove any material that can be used to build their nests.

Seal any openings that can let the rats into the house or attic. Rats can go through very tinny openings for example through ventilation, poorly fitted doors and windows and even through cracks on the wall. In order to ensure that no more entry is available for the rats to enter into the house, it is important to seal these openings.

Population reduction and elimination
After conducting a thorough inspection, proper sanitation and complete exclusion the remaining part is eliminating the existing rats from the attic. This can be done through the use of rat traps and glue boards. Rat poison and baits should not be used as the rats can die after ingesting the poison and end up smelling awfully as a result of the decomposition that will follow thereafter if the dead rat goes unnoticed.

In summary, the above steps on how to control rats in your attic should be followed if you want to get rid of the rat menace. Visit our pest control service page for more information.