how to pigeon proof your balcony

How To Pigeon Proof Your Balcony

Pigeons can really be problem-causing pests. Their presence can not only degrade the look of your balcony but can pose serious health risks. Modern houses and another type of buildings provide many nesting opportunities for pigeons, which can become a nuisance over time. These nests attract flies, lice, and other small insects. Bird feces can also spread various diseases like Encephalitis and Salmonellosis. If you are having pigeon problems then it might be a good idea to contact a pigeon control Toronto specialist to help with the problem.

Pigeon Control

One of the easiest ways of controlling feral pigeon issues is to use bird scares. Bird scares can be easily made using plastic bottles or cans. Bird-scaring objects can also be purchased. Fake birds of prey like owls and eagles help in scaring away pigeons.

Never leave food items near your balcony. Food items encourage birds to make nests near balconies. In fact, the availability of food and nesting sites is the primary reason for pigeons creating nuisance. Destroying nesting sites and eggs of pigeons will surely help in discouraging nesting behavior in your area. Discouraging bird feeding in your area is a good way of reducing pigeon population.

Erected spikes on walls are an effective way of controlling feral pigeon-related issues. Spikes prevent pigeons from sitting or perching on the walls. However, the major disadvantage of using spikes on walls is that it must be out of reach of children.

In countries like United States, shooting birds that cause damage to property is legal. Shooting will be effective if other measures like destroying bird nests are also employed with it. Trapping is also used to reduce pigeon population. However, trapping is time-consuming and not highly effective.

Chemicals like naphthalene flakes and alphachloralose are also used to displace birds. Alphachloralose, in particular, is used with food grains to make pigeons unconscious and displace them.


A good combination of above-mentioned methods will effectively solve problems related to pigeons. Being consistent and persistent is necessary for controlling animals like pigeons.