how to get rid of rats

How to Get Rid of Rats

Rats are rodents that can be very destructive at home if proper measures to control them are not applied. The destructiveness of these rodents includes cutting electric cables, spoiling clothing and food at the house. However, there are ways to get rid of them. Rat control is more difficult to perform than mouse control. These are some tips to help deal with the problem.


Ways on how to get rid of rats

Clear all food spills after meals or in stores Food spills attract rats and they come to eat them. The rats will tend to camp in the house since they are assured of food. Denying them food can go a long way in getting rid of them.


Close all entry points

Ensure the house has no small holes where the rats can come in through. This is important in preventing further rat invasions. In addition, closing entrances increase the chances of capturing present rats since they cannot get a loop to escape.


Use poison

Certified poisons can be used to kill rodents. However, the poison should be certified to ensure the safety of the user. The poison can kill the rats or make the environment unbearable such that they exit the house. Keep in mind though, that this method should be avoided as the rats can die inside a wall. This can cause problems with smell. Poisons should be used by licensed professionals.


Set rat traps

Traps are the safest method of getting rid of rats. Set traps along the routes that are used by the rats. Traps are also environment friendly hence and do not pose any threat to humans. There are many types of traps ranging from manual ones to electric traps otherwise known as rat zappers.


Keep Cats

Cats can be used to trap rodents. Cats are the greatest enemies of rats and hence they cannot coexist. In case a cat is around, the rats cannot be present in the house or compound. In a nutshell, controlling rats in the house is important because it helps in saving a lot of destruction of
household property. Proper techniques discussed above can efficiently give u a pest free environment.