rat traps that work

Rat Traps That Work

When attempting to eradicate a rodent infestation in your home there are a few things one must consider first. For starters the size of the rodent, the number of rodents in your home, the location of the infestation etc. The most important thing to consider is the type of trap you will need for the job. There is a variety of different types of traps one can choose from for rat control. These include humane traps that keep the rodent alive as well as traps that kill fast and effectively.

There are a few different options available to you when considering do-it-yourself rat control. The easiest and most effective choice would be the snap trap. A snap trap works using a spring device connected to a delicately set trigger upon which bait is applied. When the mouse or rat takes the bait they set off the trigger and are immediately crushed by the immense force of the spring. This type of trap has been in use since James Henry Atkinson invented it in 1897 and is still the number one choice today. Be sure to read the instructions before you use a trap and be extra careful as the spring can cause injury.

rat trap
Rat Trap

Popular and time tested, Victor brand pest control is the number 1 selling brand of traps. This brand offers a variety of different rat traps that work effectively, including the snap trap, glue traps, hygienic traps and more recently electronic traps. An alternative to the snap trap is the electronic trap. New electronic traps use an advanced circuit technology that senses when a mouse or rat enters the unit. The system will then deliver a high voltage but humane shock to the pest. Rodents are sometimes able to recover from an electric shock. To ensure an effective result electronic traps will administer a shock for two minutes. This electronic trap can cost over $53.00 and will kill up to fifty rats on 4 C batteries.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of pest control does not solely depend on the type of trap used. Effective treatments are administered by experienced professionals.