how to keep skunks away from your garden

How To Keep Skunks Away From Your Garden

Skunks are animals that feed on other animals and plants. They mainly feed on moles, bird eggs, earthworms, rats, lizards and rodents. They eating habits vary with season. They also feed on roots, leaves, fungi, roots and grass. They are also fond of rummaging places with garbage. There is less damage on crops if one takes preventive measures on the skunks. The following are ways of how to keep skunks away from your garden.

Fencing the garden with chicken wire helps to keep skunks at bay. Skunks are poor in climbing and hence this stops them from entering the garden. The fence placed beneath the ground prevents the skunks from digging and finding their way into the garden.

The smell emitted from mothballs is strong and irritating to skunks and this helps to keep them away. Place the mothballs far from children to prevent them from eating. Soaking cotton balls in ammonia can also drive away skunks. Bright lights scare away skunks, as they love darkness. Make sure that the whole garden has lighting. A flood lamp activated by motion is another option.

Skunks are attracted to garbage hence avoid leaving dustbins or trashcans lying everywhere. Avoid the skunks getting into the trashcans by placing tightly fitting lids. The skunks will leave, if there are no signs of food. If one cites the hole where the skunk is living, put soil in the hole in order to drive away the skunk. Check the hole for any babies to avoid burying them. If lucky, one can catch the skunk alive and take it to another location.

The stinging nettle has pricks that produce a liquid when tampered with. This can cause stinging and burning to the skunks hence driving them away. Plant squash has tiny hairs on leaves that cause irritation on the skin of the skunk, hence driving them away. How to keep skunks away from your garden depends on the frequency of eliminating them.