how to protect your restaurant from rats

How To Protect Your Restaurant From Rats

Rats are some of the most common rodents both in homes and restaurants. They are common in the two places because of a conducive environment in terms of the presence of food and also a warm environment. In restaurants, rats can be a nuisance and can turn clients off especially if the clients note that your restaurant is rat-infested. The rats can also lead to health problems, for example, the plague caused by the rat fleas. Below are some of the most effective rat control methods.

1.   Maintain high-level of cleanliness

Rats are always attracted to dirty places especially those that have got food leftovers. It is, therefore important that you ensure that the restaurant is free of any food leftovers and any types of food in the restaurant are well covered to avoid attracting the attention of the rats. Clean the hotel thoroughly after work and dispose of any food waste collected away from the restaurant.

2.   Separate the food store from the restaurant

Food stores act as a major attraction to rats especially because of the cereal that might be present in the stores. It is, therefore advisable to ensure that the food store is separated from the stores to prevent the rats from accessing the restaurant. It is better to deal with the rats in the food stores than inside the restaurant.

3.   Seal all entry points

Rats always find a way inside a building and, therefore it is good to take time to look at all potential entry points and seal them completely. You can seal the gaps under the restaurant door with a draft excluder because it is one of the common entries of rats in most restaurants. The rats are active at night and, therefore it is good to keep all windows and doors closed at all times during the night.