keeping critters away from your garden

Keeping Critters Away From Your Garden

With many Toronto residents planting their spring gardens these days one of the common questions our technicians are asked is how to keep animals from causing damage. While trapping and relocating can be effective, there are many natural deterrents that will increase the chances that an animal like a squirrel or a raccoon won’t damage the plants.


Natural Squirrel Repellents

squirrelThere are many gardeners that use organic and homemade squirrel repellent techniques. These techniques can keep squirrels away and maintain a safe environment for your plants. They are natural and non-toxic. A common technique is to use hot pepper extracts. You can use dried chillies or cayenne pepper or even soak hot peppers in water and vinegar and spray your garden. Other gardeners prefer planting garlic or other bulbs. Squirrels avoid areas that have the heavy smell of garlic.

While these methods can work, their effectiveness ultimately depends on the layout of your garden, plant types, season, as well as the intensity by which they are implemented. Installing fences or other barriers such as cages are effective as they are a more drastic measure. Generally, it is advised that you keep any tree branches that are near your garden trimmed as they are used by squirrels as passageways. Lastly, avoid placing bird feeders near your garden, if you do, clear the ground under the feeder daily.

Raccoon Deterrents

raccoon wavingAnimals such as raccoons and skunks also feed on bulbs and grubs. Raccoons are known for causing damage to lawns by digging under the grass to find food. One solution to keeping these animals out is to have garden hoses with motion sensors. As these critters make their way within range at night, they will turn on and scare the raccoon away. As with squirrels, fences and barriers can work keeping raccoons out.

With all the hard work involved in planting and maintaining a garden, it is important to take these few precautions to help with making sure that your flowers and vegetable plants stay protected.

If you are having problems with raccoons, contact us and set up a raccoon removal consultation appointment. You can also learn more about our animal control methods.