natural squirrel repellent ideas

Natural Squirrel Repellent Ideas

While squirrels can perceivably appear harmless, they are the source of hardship for many Toronto homeowners. Their presence can cause irritation as well as damage, especially when they decide to take up residence in roofs and attics. In many cases, just like raccoons or rats, squirrels can keep you up at night, as well as cause extensive damage to roofs and wires. If you are dealing with noises or squirrel damage you can take a few steps to help deter the animals from coming back.

Squirrels are in a perpetual search for food and shelter. So the first thing you can do is to limit the availability of both in and around your property. For instance, if you have bird feeders try to clean them often as seeds they can be an easy meal for squirrels. Sealing all visible entry points to your attic is also a good idea. After you have taken the necessary steps, you can go a step further by utilizing some natural squirrel deterrents. The ideas outlined below are just that. While they are known to work to some extent, squirrels are still known to overcome these barriers. The best way to deal with the problem is to contact a squirrel removal specialist.

Squirrels are afraid of the presence of other predators. There are several over-the-counter products that help in keeping them away. Coyote urine is known to help keep squirrels and raccoons away. However, if you have a large pet you can encourage your dog to mark its territory around the outside of the house.  Some people have seen more success by placing concentrated amounts of urine in spray bottles and making trees and cables that lead to the roof.

The second squirrel deterrent is also something that can be made at home on your stove. It is a squirrel repellent spray that is made of all-natural ingredients and you can spray it on the plants in your garden to protect them from voracious squirrels. Squirrels are known to be turned away from the smell of cayenne pepper and or onion. Add three-fourths water to a two-quart saucepan and chop up two yellow onions, one jalapeno pepper. Then add the chopped-up ingredients to the heating water and let it boil. Then add one tablespoon of paprika and cayenne to the mixture and let it boil again. Let the mixture cool for thirty minutes and then strain it using a cheesecloth. Then place the solution into a spray bottle and spray it onto plants and other places that squirrels do frequently at your home.

The third squirrel deterrent is no other than some various tips to think about employing as possible squirrel deterrents. Therefore, look some of these tips over, and choose one or more to use that you think will work best for your own specific squirrel situation. One of these trips is to place some mothballs, in and around your garden, or anywhere else squirrels do frequent most. The smell of the mothballs will keep them away. Another tip for a good squirrel deterrent is by installing lights in your backyard to scare the animals on their approach.

If you have tried these methods and seen little or no success, chances are you need the help of a professional wildlife control technician. Call us for a consultation.