common bed bug treatments

Common Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are one of the most talked-about pests in Toronto. The reason is that there are many cases of bed bug infestations in the city. If you have confirmed the existence of bed bugs it is advised that you perform some kind of bed bug control. There are several ways that these insects can be eliminated and different pest control companies offer different solutions. These are some common bed bug control that is available.

Vacuum Cleaning
Vacuuming is the main step in eliminating bed bugs. You need to vacuum thoroughly the whole house upon suspecting the presence of bed bugs. You should thoroughly vacuum the area around your bed, and furniture where the insects have been observed. Although this method does not kill bed bugs ultimately, it is helpful in controlling their population.

Thermal Treatment
Bed bugs are sensitive to heat as well as easily killed when subjected to temperatures above 38°C. Use steamers to kill naturally both bed bugs as well as their eggs. Apply this method to your clothes and bedding. In addition, use a bed bug steamer to clean shoes, toys, and any other material that is not easily washed using hot water.

Bed Bug Spray or Dust
This chemical has been the ability to kill bed bugs upon any contact. The chemicals work by penetrating into their body system forcing them to die through dehydration. The chemical is applied on the baseboards, mattresses, furniture, box springs, and is an effective treatment for areas that are hard to reach.

Mattress Covers and the Encasement
This is one of the simple ways to avoid and destroy bed bugs. Use a mattress that is bed bug proof to prevent bed bugs from crawling both in as well as out of your mattress. These bed bugs will die due to inadequate food. The mattress covers also ensure that the eggs of the bed bugs do not mature into adults and reproduce. Use these mattresses for a year and then kill the trapped bed bugs.

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