potential bed bug bite symptoms

Potential Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

Bed bug bites are caused by what we call bed bugs. They have a scientific name of Cimex lectularius. These organisms are blood-eating parasites on humans, bats, and other animals. They are commonly found in buildings with relatively poor sanitation; however it is not uncommon to find theses bed bugs in clean environments. They love to live in areas where humans sleep or stay like in the bed, mattress, carpet, and sofa.Here are the most common bed bug bite symptoms:

A small, painless bite. Unlike other bug bites that has a red color all over the bite area; those of the bed bugs have more concentrated red color at the middle of the bite. This will be the initial symptom. The bites will commonly appear in a linear pattern.
Burning sensation. This can develop a few days after the bite.
Redness and swelling of the affected skin.
Itching. The itchiness is caused by the chemical injected by the bed bugs as they feed on blood.
Blisters. These can appear especially if the person develops an allergic reaction to the chemical from the bed bugs. Be careful not to scratch these to avoid infection and further complications.

In most cases, the symptoms gradually disappear within 3-4 days however if you still continue to experience symptoms that don’t improve over time, you should be checked with a physician. Since the symptoms resolve on their own, there is no particular treatment for bed bug bites. If itching is not tolerable, antihistamines or steroids can be used for relief.

You should inspect your home for presence of bed bugs to prevent these symptoms from happening. You can look under or around the corners of your bed, mattress, sofa, and even on other furnitures. If you find an infestation, you should consider having pest control at your home. There are available insecticides on the market that you can use, however if the infestation is severe, you should already contact an expert.

A pest control professional will have access to more concentrated solutions that can end your problem by performing a bed bug extermination. Professional pest control technicians have the  knowledge and skill to kill bugs even in hard to reach areas.