tips on how to trap a raccoon humanely

Tips On How To Trap A Raccoon Humanely

Raccoons are known to be nuisance animals that can cause damage and harm. If you too are having problems with a single or a family or raccoons it is important to take the necessary steps to raccoon-proof your home and remove the animals. While having a professional perform the raccoon removal for best results, it is not uncommon for people to attempt removal on their own. In most cases however, the situation is more complex than it seems and the problem is not dealt with in its entirety.  Research

Spend some time on the internet and the local pest control service provider to find out the available traps that can be used in trapping a raccoon. There are different types of traps that can be used to trap these animals but some are illegal in some states therefore conduct a research to establish which ones are legal in your state and the best for that matter.

Buy or rent a trap
After the research you can buy or rent a trap. The best trap is a live trap that will not kill the raccoon. For bait sweet corn is highly recommended but there are other baits that one can use. You can pay a visit to your local pest control service provider if you wish to rent a trap.

Find active tracks
Conduct a simple survey to establish where the raccoon moves frequently. Look for signs like droppings or footmarks. This is important in ensuring that you set the trap in the right area. It is important that you set the trap next to a solid object to ensure that the animal does not tip over the trap.

Setting the trap
Set the trap in the area you have located and ensure that it is close to a solid object for support. You can use some bait to attract the animal for example corn, canned tuna and even peanut butter.

Checking the trap
It is important to check the trap once in a while to check if the animal is trapped and that it does not suffer too much. In case the animal is trapped, avoid putting your hands near it as it can bite. Finally you can decide what to do with the animal once caught. You can kill it or release it somewhere else away from your home.

In summary, the above tips on how to trap a raccoon if keenly followed can help in ensuring that the problems caused by the animal are solved. Keep in mind that it is against the law to kill raccoons in Toronto. Whatever course of action you decide to take always trap and release the animals humanely. For best results contact an animal control professional.