pesticides best deal bedbugs

What Pesticides Best Deal With Bedbugs

Pesticides that are used to remove bedbugs are toxic; it is safe to use a pesticide that has passed the toxicity test, so that it does not harm your health. Each pesticide has a label, where specifications of the right place to use it are indicated. Some work best when used indoors and others outdoors. When applying a pesticide protective clothing must be worn. 

It is of great importance to read the label before purchasing a pesticide, because most bedbugs live indoors and only few pesticides can be used indoors. Below are some of the pesticides that deal best with bedbugs.

Liquid Insecticide spray 

This pesticide has been formulated to kill bedbugs, all pesticide that effectively kill bedbugs are insecticides. Liquid insecticide spray contains a mixture of small volumes of insecticides; the spray is applied on cracks where the bedbugs hide. The best thing about this pesticide is that once you have applied it, an active residue that kills bedbugs is left behind.

Aerosol Insecticide Spray 

The pesticide is formulated with a propellant, before using this the pesticide, it is best to understand the directions on the label. Aerosol sprays work best when sprayed directly on the bedbug. However some leave behind a residue that is active for some time.

Insecticide Dusts 

They are better than liquid pesticide, because if a bedbug works over the dust, it will be covered all over enabling direct exposure. When insecticide dust is applied on wall voids, it prevents the bedbugs from travelling to another apartment unit.

Insect Growth Regulator 

The pesticide interferes with the ability of bedbug development; the insect regulator kills the bedbugs during or after the molting process to adulthood.

What Pesticides Best Deal with Bedbugs is an important consideration that should be thought of before buying a pesticide, because if you purchase one that is not effective, the bedbugs will not die but instead end up multiplying.