what does a termite swarm look like

What Does a Termite Swarm Look Like

Termites are insects that live in groups or colonies like ants. They are known to cause extensive damage to houses in Toronto every year. Prevention and termite control is essential if you have observed signs of termites or a termite swarm.

Their body is divided into three parts and they have a total of six legs. Their colour is usually white or pale, the reason being, they spend most of their lives in underground areas due to their dislike of light. Due to this reason, they are also called white ants. But there is no relation between termites and ants. Also, termites don’t just eat wood, but some other things also like dead grass, dead plants and thus is an integral part of a healthy ecosystem by helping with recycling of plants.

What Does a Termite Swarm Look Like?

When termites in their adult phase develop wings for the purpose that they could look for new colonies they are called Termite swarms. Suppose you are viewing near your homes, large swarms of termites then you can be quite sure that, you are seeing signs of termite swarming. Whenever male and female termites want to reproduce and are in search of new colonies they will swarm.

Termites Pest Control:

Termite pest control needs to be started as soon as you see signs of termite invasion in your home. You can take certain precautions like preventing any moisture to reach the foundation of your house as it may provide termites water for their growth. It is best to hire a pest control team to handle all your problems in this matter. Professionals as they are, their experience and expertise provide you with the complete protection that you require.

They not only will resolve your current termite infection but will also make arrangements that make it impossible for it to happen again. As, professional they can very well judge, if there is any amount of structural damage, that may have occurred in your home due to the infection of termites and treat the problem accordingly. So, to avoid any problem related to termites call pest control Toronto professionals immediately.