identify cockroach feces

How To Identify Cockroach Feces

Cockroaches are pests found in many homes and restaurants due to the presence of food leftovers. If the leftovers are not properly disposed off then they attract cockroaches and rodents such as rats. Presence of these pests may affect the health of workers and customers as they transmit diseases. It is hence important for any home or restaurant to have a pest control mechanism so as to eliminate these pests. 

Usually cockroaches hide in dark areas such as wall holes, cabinets and cracks.

Most people prefer to eliminate cockroaches by use of insecticides or pesticides, or both. This is easily done by looking for cockroach feces, and putting roach baits on any affected area or applying insect ides or pesticides on areas where the cockroaches are seen.

The following are steps that should be followed once cockroaches are suspected.

  1. Inspect. This involves looking out for their hide out areas in the kitchen, furniture, or dark areas of the home. Identify their feces and eggs. Once such areas are identified, use traps and glue boards to trap the cockroaches.
  2. Ensure that you maintain proper sanitation to avoid attracting cockroaches to begin with. This includes proper and hygienic handling of food products.
  3. Apply preventive measures to prevent your home or premises from being infested.
  4. If the cockroaches or any other pests are out of control consult a professional for help.

There are different ways in which one can know that their home or restaurant is infested. This includes seeing cockroaches during the day, which means that their nests may be full or through a smell emitted when they are too many. A sure way of identifying the cockroach is inspection of the feces. Feces are usually left on areas with cockroach activity such as feeding especially around the sinks, dustbins and food storage area. These feces resemble coffee grounds and can therefore be easily identified.