The Asian Tiger Mosquito

the asian tiger mosquito

Also referred to as Aedes albopictus or forest day mosquito, this is a non-native species of mosquito that is spreading rapidly across the United States and southern Canada. It is native in subtropical and tropical regions of Southeast Asia. This specie of mosquito was first discovered in 1997 in Northern Virginia. It is easily distinguished …

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Why Do Bees Swarm

why do bees swarm

Many small creatures in nature have learnt that working together in groups enables them to accomplish much more than doing it as an individual, and swarming is just one of these ways in which these creatures work together as a team. Insects in a particular swarm, swarming is just another word for gathering together, but …

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Top 3 Raccoon Deterrents

top 3 raccoon deterrents

There are many ways to deter raccoons. These top 3 raccoon deterrents will help discourage raccoons from invading your home. Effective raccoon control requires professional expertise. However, anyone can take some precautions by implementing the following suggestions to keep raccoons away.   1.   Limit access to food. Trash cans are an easy source of food …

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