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Effective Bed bug Control

Bed bugs are probably the nastiest and grossest pests to have in the house, and the fact that their primary source of food is human blood is a major reason behind this. Although bed bugs haven’t been pegged as pathogen vectors, they do feed on our blood, and also cause rashes and allergic reactions sometimes. The presence of bed bugs also gives a general air of filth and lack of hygiene to a place and for these reasons and more, bed bug control is necessary whenever you are under attack from an infestation.

So what are the solutions that can be categorized as effective bed bug control? (more…)

Why House Mice Are Worse Than You Think

Mice may look like cute creatures and some of us may even allow them to live in our homes, falsely assuming that how such cute and little animals could possibly cause any damage, but this notion is absolutely false.

House mice are worse than you think, and here’s why. (more…)

Ant Control Tips For Infestation

Ant invasion

Spring or summer, Mother Nature is at her best during these seasons, and when nature is at its best, how could the little armies of ants be left behind!

Ants are easily the most laborious creatures on the planet and the way they go about their work is indeed commendable, and while we humans surely appreciate it all, it is when they begin meddling in out affairs that things get a little uncomfortable! (more…)

How to Detect Bed bug infestation

bed bugs pest control toronto

A bed bug infestation is the worst possible thing you can have in your home, and the first step in tackling the situation and ridding your home of these nasty creatures is detection.

The proper detection of a bed bug infestation, the tracking down of their hiding places and then preventing their spread are some of the initial steps that are necessary in preparing for a bed bug removal procedure. (more…)

Different Types of Cockroaches

Two Cockroaches

Most of us only see cockroaches as pests, because the ones that we let into our homes usually are! However, there are very specific species of roaches that actually fall into the category of insects that dwell in human habitat, and a further lesser number that are household pests.

Cockroaches may look the same to us and no matter which type they may be, they are sure to be labeled as pests, but that really isn’t the case. (more…)

How do Pest Control Professionals Deal With Ants?


Spring is the seasons when ants become most active and treatment becomes almost necessary in some cases. They make their way indoors in their search for food. In some cases they remain active indoors throughout the winter months. In most cases, ants are just a nuisance. In some cases, certain types of ants can cause significant problems to structures. That is why no ant problem should be left untreated. (more…)

How To Identify Cockroach Feces


Cockroaches are pests found in many homes and restaurants due to the presence of food leftovers. If the leftovers are not properly disposed off then they attract cockroaches and rodents such as rats. Presence of these pests may affect the health of workers and customers as they transmit diseases. It is hence important for any home or restaurant to have a pest control mechanism so as to eliminate these pests.  (more…)

What Pesticides Best Deal With Bedbugs

Bed Bug Inspection services in Toronto.

Pesticides that are used to remove bedbugs are toxic; it is safe to use a pesticide that has passed the toxicity test, so that it does not harm your health. Each pesticide has a label, where specifications of the right place to use it are indicated. Some work best when used indoors and others outdoors. When applying a pesticide protective clothing must be worn.  (more…)

Where Do Cockroaches Lay Their Eggs?

Cockroaches Lay Their Eggs

Cockroaches are known to be hardy pests. They can live for three months without food and a month without water. These makes it easy for the pests to breed. They reproduce by way of laying eggs. Just as other living things, they will do so in the best environment and place possible. Where do cockroaches lay their eggs? Such places are;  (more…)

What Can Help to Get Rid of Mice in a Car?


What can help to get rid of mice in a car? If you’re asking yourself that question, things have reached critical mass. Mice, like any pest love to nest and breed in the weirdest of places. In a car, with hundreds of unreachable compartments and moving parts, a family of mice living in your car is one of the worst possible and most irritating threats to you and your car. For those who live in rural areas, this is an especially common malady. There are many solutions to remove mice thankfully, so let’s look into that and see what we can do about removing these tiny dangers from your automobile.   (more…)